Modern Group of Institutions

Location:-  Vijayavada

Institutions Code:-  2222



Mr U.Rajeswar Correspondent of Modern Group of Institutions

The members of the management are the persons of simple living and high thinking. They are kind enough to provide the most advanced infrastructure with state-of-the-art instructional and infrastructural technologies, software tools etc facilities.The Management creates a wonderful conducive learning and work ethos to students as well as to the teaching faculty. It brings an influx of new ideas and imbues them with new motivation, new influences, that would catapult them to higher levels of conceptualizing.

It encourages the students to deal with matters not just competently but in an inspired manner. It aids in constantly exploring new possibilities. The skills of its wards are properly channelized. It provides a competitive platform known for its convergence and integrated activities, increasing the levels of confidence of students and staff. It takes emulative care in motivating, guiding and counselling the students. The main forte of the college is its members of the teaching faculty, also the members of the management themselves, being eminent teachers are with profound knowledge and immense academic and industrial experience in their respective disciplines and discipline being the common thread woven between the learners and the learned.