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    Anantha Laxmi Innovative Micro Solutions, is a young, professionally managed infrastructure company with highly skilled and experienced team of engineers, who has strong traditional values and deeply-held beliefs. We have believed in innovation to enhance the range of products and services that we offer and provide greater convenience to our clients. The company provides solutions and services in two categories - Project Management, which covers the entire project life cycle from design and scoping to onsite testing and implementation and Professional Services, which include strategic and operational technology, consultant support, facilities management, network and data center management.

    The philosophy that we thrive on ensures that the specific needs of our clients are fulfilled. Biometric Smart Xs has the best of international technology with local expertise and global exposure. The countrywide support network provides the entire backup at any point of time helping in maintenance, training and up gradation The Company believes in knowledge sharing and hence presents a chronicle of its services and accomplishments in our website: for present and prospective clients to see.

  • Training Team:

    Highly qualified, young and enthusiastic trainers from various reputed institutions, constantly strive to design and develop new training programs for the engineers who can explore their skills in the current market.

  • Development Team:

    Each of the team members in the development Team is expert in Microsoft, Oracle and other technologies. The development team is responsible to develop new software solutions for Security and bring sophistication in the existing software by incorporating new modern methods and technologies the development team designs and develops interfaces for the machines and procedures to capture data from machines to application. Our development team performs all customizations demanded by the clients in existing software. Besides, as a policy, the development team members are given the exposure of working on implementation projects so as to be in tune to the user needs and expectations.

  • Implementation Team:

    The implementation team consists of people from both domain as well as technical skills. The team members are not only well versed in methods and technologies used in our products and services but are also well acquainted with the process of clients and can easily determine what solution is actually required at times when client themselves find it difficult to clarify their requirements. They are expert in determining and implementing perfect solution at the client’s environment or the work place.

  • R & D Team:

    Highly potential young and enthusiastic experts from various reputed companies, they are engaged in R & D work. They constantly strive to design and develop new methods and technologies to integrate advanced machines with sophisticated software to provide perfect Security Solutions to our client.

  • Helpdesk Team:

    We have a very capable helpdesk consisting of members with development and/or Implementation experience to provide quick solutions to the client and react in shortest possible time. Our team is extremely sensitive to the needs of the customer on 24/7 support.

  • Our Work Policy:

    We work together to achieve Complete Customer Satisfaction through Total Quality Management (TQM) practices. We create a working environment where motivated employees communicate freely and innovations are encouraged.

  • Our Data Integrity:

    All the data and contents of our clients will be treated as confidential information. ALIMS will not share such confidential information to anyone.

  • Lower Costs:

    Eliminate the high cost of acquiring hardware, software, security tools, and building facility. Moreover, considerably reducing the cost of expensive expertise required to manage the whole infrastructure.

  • Built On Industry Standards:

    Procurement and Installation of industry standard hardware (HP, Acer etc.)

    Installation of leading enterprise software (Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, MYSQL etc.)

    On-going management, performance tuning, and support

  • Enterprise Professional Services:

    Dedicated team of IT infrastructure experts to create a custom solutions

    Industry experts are available on demand if you ever need support services which are not included

  • Our Responsibility:

    It is the responsibility of all staff, working on software to ensure that this quality Plan Is followed. The quality team is responsible for ensuring that the quality Plan meets the requirements of our clients.

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